River of Inner Strength

Whoa! Stop and declare this promise over your life.

Christ infuses me with inner strength, He empowers me to do anything that the Father has assigned me to do. I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.

I am a cheerful giver that God loves. He makes all grace abound toward me, that I always have all sufficiency in all things, I have an abundance for every good work. (Phil 4.13, 2 Cor 9.8)


River of Revelation

Light at end of the tunnel.

MONDAY’S MANNA!  When President Obama said, “…a new dawn of American leadership is at hand.” Was he aware that he was prophesying about us?

There is a remnant of young and old disciples of Christ who have been rebranded with a new identity in their relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

They know who they are and how to lead from heaven and where to go to disciple America and the nations.

The presence and glory of God will become prevalent. Those who ran off to join the ranks of the enemies of Christ, the light of revelation will break forth in their understanding. Suddenly, they will run from the fallen kingdom of darkness to the rising Kingdom of Light.

River of Codes

Do you recall the feeling of the time you got the right code to unlock the gate to gain access to what you wanted or where you needed to go?
How much more exciting it is to discover the keys and codes that unlock and give us access to the concealed power, principles and wisdom that the Father has hidden for us!

River of Prophetic Words

What The Lord Is Saying To My Spirit

The Holy Spirit is saying to my spirit, “Take your focus off the enemy, the urgent emergency of the pressure of circumstances and look to Me. Refuse to be motivated by distractions, allow Me to be your attraction and motivation.

Listen to My instructions for I am doing a new thing, I am invading earth with heaven and I want you be a part of the Kingdom invasion. My glory is revolving, turning, churning and burning a fresh passion on the inside of you. Your “want to do” is back!

Put your heart upon My Heart, be as I am and move with authority for you have been promoted with an awesome anointing to move forward with greater success to advance my Kingdom in every realm of society in the nations of the world”.

River Forgetful or Thankful

Forgetful or Thankful?

by Donna Huffman

I’m reminding myself of something that kept me from being thankful this Thanksgiving weekend.
I had forgotten that my emotions are not reliable. I’m now reminding myself that ANY feeling of lack denies the truth of God’s promise to provide it for me. It can be lack of peace, provision, or any insecurity. I know Philippians 4:19! How did I forget?
Feelings can lie and cause worry, fretting, fear, anxiety, sadness, self-pity, insecurity, doubt, dread, paranoia – stress. The list is long and revealing.
But now I remember that God made me promises, and I am going back to being thankful.
Hebrews 10:23, “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.”
How could I forget the wonderful things God did for me? None of these “needy” feelings are justified. They are lies. I am evicting them before they erode my faith in God and damage my life. It’s that simple, but it’s also simply essential that I replace lies with the truth – what He promised.
Any “lack” feelings REVEAL that I haven’t applied God’s promises to my mindset, memory, decision making and emotions (my soul). That must change. I take His promise by faith and apply it to my now situation till the visible lines up with the truth. I can do that! I love Philippians 4:19!
I really am well provided for, richly blessed. I may have to trust Him for a while in it, but I can do that too. I can trust the One who promised, for surely He will do it.
So, this weekend I’m sorting my feelings and updating them to reflect that God is my good Provider! Deal with your emotions – quickly and firmly. Do it till the visible changes. Emotions are good when they are good, but bad when they are bad. Deal with them. The sooner the better, my friend (just in case you’ve had them too). Profound, I know.
Wow! Am I ever THANKFUL to God for that! Ah, it’s Thanksgiving weekend?! Imagine that. I won’t forget.

The Show Must Go On!

When Dr. Myles Munroe (who taught me to advance the Kingdom Principles of Christ) died in a plane crash enroute to the 2014 Global Leadership Forum.

The faithful of his organization has announced that they will move forward and the GLF conference will go on without him. “This is what Dr. Munroe would have wanted.”

Even though he’s not breathing here, he is breathing there. And his teachings will continue to empower disciples of Christ to be about the King’s business with success globally.

It’s a good day to think about your own life and what you can do to advance kingdom life for others.

“The Show Must Go on!”


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Stand in Liberty

Stand In Liberty (Gal. 5.1)

Nations steal, kill and destroy to enforce their laws to enslave, entangle, eliminate or assimilate other people groups.

There are some Christians groups that do the same. They use the weapon of LEGALISM to drag you out of GRACE and push you into forced labor under LAW. The LAW that Jesus Christ on the cross fulfilled and freed us from.

Our freedom in Christ is not automatic. We Use our FAITH in LOVE to activate the LIBERTY to be free in Christ.
If you go back to the Law, Christ will profit you nothing. BUT if you go forward in Grace, Christ will profit you in everything!


Prayer is an invisible force, source, power that can change a visible or invisible thing near you or far away. What THING do you desire or what THING do you want see changed? Mark 11:24

River in Me, In my Midst

“Deep within the heart of…” not Texas but GOD! I love living deep in the heart of Father God. That is where you hear His more clearly. Those “to do” reminders you get during worship are (not from the devil) but from the Father to protect your integrity and identity.

Make a note and continue on with your prayer and worship. Let the “deep call to the deep” – coy