Monthly Archives: June 2015

River Out of Them All

OUT OF THEM ALL… Affliction, tribulation, persecution, many times on journeys, threats from my own nation, deception of false friends, dangers from believers who lack the knowledge of Christ and HIs Kingdom.

…OUT OF THEM ALL the Lord delivered me!!! (2Tim 3.11)

I say, “Halleluyah” What say you?


River of Inner Strength

Whoa! Stop and declare this promise over your life.

Christ infuses me with inner strength, He empowers me to do anything that the Father has assigned me to do. I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.

I am a cheerful giver that God loves. He makes all grace abound toward me, that I always have all sufficiency in all things, I have an abundance for every good work. (Phil 4.13, 2 Cor 9.8)