Monthly Archives: February 2015

River of Codes

Do you recall the feeling of the time you got the right code to unlock the gate to gain access to what you wanted or where you needed to go?
How much more exciting it is to discover the keys and codes that unlock and give us access to the concealed power, principles and wisdom that the Father has hidden for us!


River of Prophetic Words

What The Lord Is Saying To My Spirit

The Holy Spirit is saying to my spirit, “Take your focus off the enemy, the urgent emergency of the pressure of circumstances and look to Me. Refuse to be motivated by distractions, allow Me to be your attraction and motivation.

Listen to My instructions for I am doing a new thing, I am invading earth with heaven and I want you be a part of the Kingdom invasion. My glory is revolving, turning, churning and burning a fresh passion on the inside of you. Your “want to do” is back!

Put your heart upon My Heart, be as I am and move with authority for you have been promoted with an awesome anointing to move forward with greater success to advance my Kingdom in every realm of society in the nations of the world”.